I Am a Hundred-year-old Healthy Man

Although every thinking person agrees that it happens sometimes, that only a few people on this planet are, in a certain moment, allowed to say such a phrase, everyone usually adds: “What a lucky man who says this!” It is not that simple as it seems to be.

Imagine you meet a hundred-year old guy. You are certainly very shocked and stunned, or at least impressed. And a question immediately jumps onto your tongue: “How on Earth did you make it? How did you manage to breathe for a hundred years without a break and even now you are gazing and smiling at me?” The old guy says to you: “Well, to be absolutely honest, I don’t have a slightest idea. The fact is that I never smoke, drank alcohol, and took drugs or anything of the sort. But I never thought about living for a hundred years, I just always wanted to be a healthy and happy man.” You are aware of reality that there are still a lot of people, who don’t smoke, drink alcohol and other stuff, and they yet don’t live so long. Therefore, you quickly deduce, it has to be written somewhere. However, if it were fully specified in a man’s DNA genome and, what is more, unchangeable at all, then it would be futile to endeavor after a long and prosperous life. You either have it written in your DNA or no, no matter your will or acts. There are people who believe that, but there are still some people who listen to scientists (geneticists). Every single one of them will say to you that it depends on one’s acting as well. It is not about DNA only or a human’s behavior alone. They say that these two things have influence on our healthiness or duration of our lives, but nobody knows for sure in what ratio it actually occurs.
In essence, you can sit down on your sofa and wait until the death comes for you or stand up, take a huge breath and start to live.

Acceptance of Dry Feed Our Dogs a Threat to Us

American experts, conducting research, concluded that the feeding of dry feed our dogs and cats in the house, we put ourselves and our children at risk, because in the dry feed is a rather dangerous salmonella bacteria.

In just over three and a half years, America was discovered about 80 cases of exposure to the dangerous and harmful bacteria. And what is the most sorrowful, almost half of infections were children under 3 years trying to use the children’s curiosity, even in small doses, a dog or cat’s dry food. But, as experts say, is not only used to feed pets inside can choose to lead such an effect, but also by finding the feeders near the food.

It is not advisable to feed a pet in the house, but if there is no other way, then at least do not feed him in the kitchen. Because infection can lead to complications not only the body but also to the death.